Optiv Classic Large


OPTIV Classic large-stroke multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are designed to simplify the measurement of large or palletised flat parts close to the shop floor.

Large-stroke OPTIV Classic CMMs can be used with the optional PC-DMIS Inspect Pallet software to handle workpiece palletising, enabling a fast and automated inspection process, even for large batches of small serial parts such as clutch discs, fine-blanked parts and sheet metal cut-outs for electric motors.

The CMMs’ extended measurement range enables prepared interchangeable pallets to be supplied semi-automatically by a palletising robot, reducing standstill times and increasing inspection throughput.

The OPTIV Classic 8.10.2 and the OPTIV Classic 12.15.2 are each fitted with a world-class vision sensor system comprised of a high-resolution digital CMOS colour camera combined with a programmable 6.5x CNC motor zoom to enable repeatable, fast, and automatic measuring-point capture. Both are supplied with PC-DMIS Pro as standard with the option to upgrade to PC-DMIS CAD software to extract all relevant dimensional, shape and position tolerances from imported CAD data.


  • Measure close to the shop floor
    OPTIV Classic large-stroke multisensor coordinate measuring machines are ideal for measuring large and palletised flat parts close to the shop floor.
  • Stable, linear motion
    A sturdy moving-bridge design with a granite triangular cross beam and a granite machine base with integral prismatic air bearing guideways contribute to a better stiffness/mass ratio and a stable linear motion during the measurement process. Both machines come with a measuring carriage (X axis) and bridge (Y axis) with preloaded air bearings while the vertical ram (Z axis) is equipped with mechanical linear guides. The OPTIV Classic 8.10.2 has an integral base frame.
  • Industry standard calibration
    The OPTIV Classic is compliant with the ISO 10360 standard for measuring accuracy.
  • Vision sensor for measuring flat parts
    OPTIV Classic large-stroke CMMs are equipped with a vision sensor with a high-resolution digital CMOS colour camera and a programmable 6.5x motorised zoom lens, which are ideal for measuring flat parts with geometrically varied 2D inspection features and strict tolerances. The vision sensor offers variable illumination in the form of a coaxial LED top light, LED back light and multi-segment LED ring light for the high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges. A laser pointer facilitates navigation during the measuring routine creation.
  • Easy-to-use software
    The OPTIV Classic comes with PC-DMIS measurement software, removing complexity from inherently intricate measurement tasks. PC-DMIS provides a range of quick start routines, for example, for part alignment or sensor calibration, and optimised workflows across the full range of measurement operations. PC-DMIS Inspect is also included, an intuitively simple operator interface for measuring routine selection and execution, built for the shop-floor production environment. PC-DMIS Inspect Slideshow, which helps production-level CMM operators immediately realise and resolve manufacturing defects with graphical real-time feedback on custom key dimensions, is also available as an option.
  • Configuring pallets for measurement
    PC-DMIS Inspect Pallet offers the ability to configure a pallet for measuring a batch of parts in a user-friendly interface.
  • Data analysis
    The Q-DAS software bundle features powerful solutions for the statistical analysis of product and process data, including SPC and real-time visualisation of measurement data, measurement system analysis and process capability analysis.
  • A choice of measuring ranges
  • OPTIV Classic 8.10.2 has an 800 x 1000 x 225 mm XYZ measuring range.
  • OPTIV Classic 12.15.2 offers a 1200 x 1500 x 225 mm XYZ measuring range.