Optiv Lite DCC


  • FC-DMIS VISION software with core algorithm certified by PTB
  • Imported core components, strictly assembled and commissioned
  • Open, imported high-resolution glass scale, accuracy up to 0.05um
  • Maxon Swiss servomotor


  • PC-DMIS VISION Software with core algorithm certified by PTB.
  • Imported core components ,strictly assembled and commissioned.
  • Open, imported high-resolution glass scale ,accuracy up to 0.05um
  • Maxon Swiss servomotor 
  • HEIDENHAIN Germany professional , high –precision motion control card.
  • Imported Matrox image acquisition card.
  • Exquisite high-precision all aluminum worktable.
  • Advanced XY plane precision calibration to ensure real spatial accuracy.
  • Four-axis CNC control keeps stable operation at high speed.
  • Continuous auto zooming , no need for manual calibration.
  • Designed by professional development team ,with style and structure in line with engineering principles.