Horizontal Floor Standing Comparator (600mm)


The Horizontal Floor Standing Optical Comparator, or HF600 is a time tested, cost effective, solution for non-contact measurement. They are simple to use, yet have excellent capacity and performance to satisfy an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage which combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Horizontal models work well with parts that need to be fixtured, held in a vice, or on centers.

Standard Features:

  • Floor Standing System
  • Horizontal Part View Orientation
  • Screen Diameter (mm): 600
  • X – Y Measuring Range (mm): 300 (500 Optional) x 200
  • Linear Glass Scale Encoder on X & Y Axis
  • Motorized X-Y Axis
  • Focus Range (mm): 75
  • Work Stage (mm): 630 x 230
  • Load Capacity Maximum 150kg
  • 1 Minute Angular Measurement Resolution
  • Profile Illumination
  • Surface Illumination
  • Quick Change Lens Mount (Lenses Not Included): 4 Lens Turret
  • Collimating Condenser with Yellow/Green Filter
  • Control System / Software: QC200/5200 or Metlogix M2, M3
  • Available with The New MX200 DRO System